Feel good

Our rooms are comfy and cozy

The rooms in Landhaus Platzer are high-quality, equipped with organic furnishings, and are decorated in a typical Tyrolean style. Only local woods were used to make the furniture. This guarantees the highest sleeping quality and comfort in large beds with high-quality mattresses. 

The rooms are equipped with carpeted floors and shower, WC, and hair dryer. 

Properties of pine in our rooms:

Thanks to the high content of wood components, pine exudes a pleasant smell that is preserved for a long time. 

Pine – wood for well-being
Architects and everyone else who uses wood in their daily work take advantage of the positive properties of local varieties of wood including the "queen of the Alps" - pine. Pine was examined using scientific methods for the first time by researchers of Joanneum Research (Austria).

The research results are as follows:

  • The resins and oils of wood protect it against moths and other insects.
  • The effects of pine on the endurance and recovery ability of 30 adults were examined in a study.   
  • According to a study, there is no weather sensitivity in a pine room, and sleep quality is higher in a pine bed. 
  • The influence of pine is manifested in a lower heart rate when people experience physical and mental stress. 
  • The autonomic recovery process is accelerated in a subsequent rest phase.  
  • Test subjects felt more open and were more talkative after sleeping in a pine bed versus a bed made of other decorative woods.